[ Warhammer of Joffrey and Shoelaces ]

Lots of stuff got done today!

Initially I was thinking of mentioning every single thing, but that would be quite tedious.
I got my Dark Angels army in the mail today, bought some stuff that I would need to paint it and had left in Greece so now I am quite set for the next few months of painting. I also applied to jobs (well, a job) and registered to the NHS.
Remember when I said I won’t list everything? Yea well, I also bought a shoelace.




I am pretty sure there gonna be a Wedding/Funeral 2-for-1 package in Westeros soon. Seriously, I don’t know what issues Martin has with weddings, or if he is subtly trying to tell his wife that he feels their marriage is killing him, but an invitation to a wedding in Westeros is like finding a horse’s head in your bed after you’ve pissed off the Mafia.

Anyway, the brat is finally dead. It was a satisfying death ,for sure, but it still felt too good for Joffrey.
But it would be hard to have a death karmically deserving in Westeros, granted I have not read the books but I don’t think Anal-Napalm has been introduced yet.

My man Tyrion is in a rough spot though, since he is the prime suspect on what I suppose now will be called “CSI:King’s Landing”. So let’s try and help the little guy by putting on our thinking hats.

The victim died from poisoning. Both pie and wine were consumed shortly before the victim’s death. The thing is, he was not the only one drinking and eating, so it stands to reason that the poison was put in his plate/cup, unless other people were dying all over.

Tyrion had the opportunity but I don’t think he would kill Joffrey like that, plus the guy wanted to leave 30 seconds before.
The Former Knight/Current Fool seemed to know something was going to happen, but I don’t know when he would be able to be near the King’s cup.
The bisexual latino swordsman sure hates the Lanisters, but again, unless he could shoot the poison with a dart from 20 meters, I don’t see how he could have done it.
Sansa… Could she? Would she? I don’t really care.

All of Westeros, except Reek.

Interesting stuff, looking forward to next week.

Also, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is becoming interesting.


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