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Quite a quiet day today. Unlike what tomorrow should be. I will be registering with a GP and sending out CVs.

I saw Snowpiercer today, a South Korean science fiction film. It was quite good, and the production levels were really high.

In the near future, Earth has frozen over and the last remaining survivors are all aboard a train that runs constantly around the globe thanks to a perpetual motion engine.
I enjoyed the grand concept and the action scenes, but the whole thing felt a bit disjointed. Characters came and went, the symbolism, I felt, was quite heavy handed and a bit… simple?
But the whole thing felt very much a passion project, and that thing was carried across, making it an enjoyable experience.

Although one of the main characters is a Korean guy (that really looks like the protagonist from Oldboy) and I only realized that there are English subtitles near the end, so I ended up watching 70% of the movie thinking that “I was not meant to understand him”, turns out “I was just meant to use my head”.

So yea, off to bed early today.



Is a perpetual motion engine something that is 100% completely impossible? Could the universe be one? What do you think 1.3?



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  1. Sometimes i do have the feeling that you are trying desperetly to occupy / absorb all your thoughts
    and imagination analizing unrealistic problems to the deepest possible exrreme somehow trying to avoid , beeing thus so preoccupied , to face the real problems and dull everyday rutine.
    It is just a feeling though, …

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