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MORE GAME OF THRONES SPOiLERS AHEAD, avert thine eyes, lest ye be spoiled for all ye remaining days.

I have been thinking about the last episode quite a bit today, continuing as Westeros’ Detective Gumshoe. Something that came across my mind that had completely slipped by unnoticed was Marjorie.
She is smart. That means she must have realised that Joffrey would soon become completely uncontrollable, even by her womanly wiles. Also I suppose she must have had some plans to get rid of the brat, poison seems like her style and she had the opportunity to poison the cup/plate of the victim. Now, I am not 100% clear on how the rules of succession work, but I am assuming that Marj is now the Queen of the seven kingdoms, as in, complete ruler, now that sounds to me like really strong motive.

All this is speculation though, and it doesn’t change much for our beloved Tyrion and the dire situation he seems to have found himself in.
I sure hope Bron continues to train Jamie though.

I guess the Queen could pardon him, since it seems like killing Kings in Westeros is the National sport. Unless I am forgetting something all the killers of Kings are running around free, so I guess the rule goes like this “The King can do whatever he pleases, but if you kill him and are the ,or in the favour of the, next King, you are pretty much home free.

I would be so disappointed if Sansa did it though…. And that fool/former Knight was awfully suspicious before anything serious went down… Hmmm…

I suddenly want Hercules Poirot to appear in the next episode.

” I would like to gazer you all to ze Iron Zrone room, vear upon I vill explain in detail, how ze murder took place.”



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