About Garret

Garret first came into existence in the year 1988 A.D., although he rarely subscribes to such subjective measures of age and time.

As a life-form, Garret is a tiny flame of consciousness inside an ever-changing material body primarily made of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.

As a Terran, he lives on Earth, one of the smaller planets orbiting the star known as Sol.

As a member of the Human race he belongs to the dominant species of the planet, it is a diverse species and even though it is considered a space faring race (although only in the barest sense) some of its members cling to ancient superstitions, hurt one another and watch Fotis + Maria Live.

He lives in the continent of Europe, considered part of the “Old World” purely because it’s inhabitants were the ones who wrote the history of the World after conquering the rest of the globe and “discovering” other “savage” people. Now grown bitter and watching with a mix of envy and superiority the teenager USA who is doing what Europe did a few centuries ago.

He is a Greek. And if Europe is the 40-something has-been, Greece is a senile centenarian who can’t even remember what they had for breakfast and where should they go if they want to poo. A place laden with millennia of history, a melting pot of dozens of different cultures, notions and identities. A certain charm is there, but under a lot of muck.

He lives in Athens, the capital of Greece. He used to like that way more than he does now.

He is a gamer, a fan of The Lord of the Rings, a Star Wars geek, a Photographer, a Skipper, a certified Diver and a Driver.

He might be a Nihilist, not that it matters.

His favourite play is Waiting for Godot.

He likes steampunk and cyberpunk.

He really really likes you if you read this far.

Maybe because under a thin veil of not-caring there is a need for acceptance and recognition.

Maybe not though, or maybe this is the thin veil.

He would call himself a post-modernist and in true po-mo fashion, he dislikes post-modernism.

He thinks that’s enough for now.


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  1. Not very specific on the galaxy. I think it should be mentioned, otherwise people might be confused with Sol solar systems in other galaxies. I mean the universe is a big place. There has to be another star called Sol…

    • True… it’s only three letters, I bet there are many other stars called Sol.
      But I wouldn’t want to give away my position completely.
      You never know who is watching…!

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