[ Hot Tamale ]

It is seriously hot here. I have the aircon turned on but my computer is generating enough heat to restart a dying sun. I am not even sure that heat is what dying suns need in order to get started again, or even if they can get started, maybe they just need more mass? Chuck a lil’ hydrogen their way.
Anyway, what I mean to say is that it’s hot.

Today was also a throwback gaming day. The cinematic trailer for the latest WoW expansion was released, it was…okey. I remember when the trailer for The Burning Crusade was released… holy molly it was the most important thing that had happened in my life up until then. Now… it was just a cool cinematic. Am I moving out of the target audience for these things? I hope not. The Garrison feature looked cool.
Oh, Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies (the 3DS game) got released on iOS today. Downloaded the free first mission and it looks really good. The whole thing I think, costs around 10 euros, compared to the 3DS game that is like 1/4th of the price.
I miss Phoenix and the gang, one of the few “anime style” games that actually had likeable characters for me. The music is still awesome. Maybe they will release the Phoenix/Layton crossover game too!

I also believe that I should see more David Lynch. I really dig his style but for some reason I haven’t seen much of his stuff. I should see more of his stuff.

I’ll start with Eraserhead and Lost Highway.


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