[ Cooking CVs and Star Trek ]

Oh yes, today, food was had.
This is probably the first time I have ever felt like I cooked something. Not warmed, not microwaved, but COOKED. Tore the package of the chicken with my bare hands, removed the RAW FLESH, and then BURNED it till it was tasty.

So yea, thanks to the invaluable advice of Maria, I now now how to transform cold pink stuff into delicious tan coloured stuff.

Food Protses

Food Protses

I also watched an episode of Deep Space 9, with Jayne. It was an episode that guested Vash and Q, I can’t say it was amazing, Q was not much more than a nagging ex, (oh how the mighty have fallen) but it was very enjoyable to get into the Star Trek world again. I missed the hum and buzz and the click-beep-brzzz of all the gadgets and the starship ambience.

All in all good times!



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  1. Αλγόριθμος τροφής. *intense laughter* I must name my cookbook Αλγόριθμοι Τροφής :D Lookin’ good Garret!

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