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Well, I went to the bank, did some banky stuff but then found out that in order to get an account there will have to prove where I live, I suggested we go back to where I live for dinner but the lady in the bank thought this was a bit too far, so I will now have to find another way to prove it.

I also did some other stuff today but I forgot about most of them because I just saw the Season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones. It is almost a year since I last visited the world of Westeros, save the occasional badgering by my dad to read the books (I know, it’s a world gone upside down), but to be honest I wasn’t particularly impressed by the previous season. This episode though, boy was it good. I had forgotten how nice and complex the characters and their relationships are, so many storylines, so many things to care about.

Spoilers ahead by the way. I’ll just talk about what happened to my three favourite characters.

ARYA: I would have never in my LIFE guessed that Arya would now team up with the hound. I have no idea where that partnership is going, but from what I’ve seen in this episode, I wouldn’t mind having a whole show devoted to this awesome match made in hell. I would love it if the Hound became a bit more… human and Arya a bit more badass in a Hound way. Then maybe they will change the show name to Lone Hound and Pup.

TYRION: Oh the times are a-changing, from whore-mongering carefree smartass playboy to a man with a battlescar, a job he hates and TWO wives, Tyrion my friend, you are in dire straights. Not much of a Tyrion episode this one, just him welcoming a foreign prince of somewhere, he has a bone to pick with the lanisters and he apparently wants to fuck and kill anything with a temperature above 35C.

JAIME: I just feel sorry and good for Jaime at the same time. The guy lost his fighting hand, boo. But then they gave him a cool valyrian steel shortsword to use with his left hand, yey! The guy comes back to his family, yey! His sister/wife is now an alcoholic glorified soccer-mom and their child is a stupid, evil, paranoid, unworthy prick, boo!

So yea, that’s what pretty much happened. There was also some stuff with Daenerys and her continued quest to stumble upon success (Yawn), and Sansa trying to become something more than the human version of a punching bag she currently is.

Also, this song is awesome:



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  1. Episode review! I would definitely watch Lone Hound and Pup.

    It’s interesting to see how the role of the Lannisters in general is changing the series, especially Jamie’s and Cercei’s.

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