[ It follows is a great horror movie ]

Last year I was on the lookout for great horror movies. Mostly because I was in the process of creating a horror adventure game, a game that is still unaware of what the light of day looks like.Tonight I was reminded of those Manchester days.

Continuing the 2015-great-horror-streak that Babadook started, It follows is one of the coolest horror movies I have seen lately.
I was always of the opinion that good horror comes from shaking us to the core, that frightens us as humans, not as viewers.
It follows is a multilayered and elegant horror movie, with minimal budget that manages to look really cool and be very effective as a horror movie through great pacing and amazing cinematography. The shots are beautiful, the characters are very realistic and there are no silly horror-movie-checklist things in it. No jumpscares, no shaky-cam, no lame annoying endings (I am looking at you Mama).

It Follows

It Follows

It is a refreshing and effective horror movie (not insanely scary though so fear not, my feeble-hearted readers) that I would recommend to anyone who would enjoy a more cerebral and multilayered descent into the darkness that is our horror fiction.

P.S. Do not watch the trailer, I feel it gives away too much. Something I have tried to avoid in this post.


P.S.2. Should one put a P.S. after the signature or before?

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