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Today was a day full of things (duh!).
I certainly did not expect that this morning when I woke up feeling like my body was on strike.
It has been suggested to me that this week, after my superhuman trials in peak district , would be a good week to get into running.
It’s good to have friends that actually care enough to take time and suggest things that think would make me feel better. Too bad they don’t know that my kneecaps hurt when I think about moving.

But it was a good day nonetheless.

Right now I am sitting in our back yard, on my own, smoking and finishing up tonight’s Ouzo, two things I haven’t done for quite some time, I am admiring the purple Manchester sky and listening to distant sirens, cars and trains, all while updating this blog through the power of wireless internet.
Humans have created some cool shit, haven’t they?

So anyway,today we did a sort of Greek food night, Jana invited a friend of hers, Ioanna, that had studied in Mitilini, of all places. In the department of Θάλασσα. She graduated in 2006, the year I arrived in Lesvos so we did not meet there, (timeline-wise it is possible that she has met Housemaster, something that makes my brain doubt that there are more than 6 people in the world) but talking about Marush, Mousiko , Hotspot and LaZy Fish was something I did not expect to do here. Come to think of it she is he first Greek person I’ve met in Manchester.
My impression of Greek people abroad is not the best. They feel way too nostalgic about Greece, way too smug to be Greek and way too keen to bunch up and group with one-another.
These are the reasons I have not pursued any meetings with my compatriots.
But contrary to all my simplistic stereotypical expectations Ioanna seemed like a cool girl.

Aaaaaaaaaanywho, mission today was simple: Create a Greek-ish food to add to tonight’s menu.
After an extensive search in Turkish/Mediterranean/Asda places, it was in Lidl ( αν είναι δυνατών) that I found Ouzo, Feta and other stereotypical Greek stuff that I somehow fashioned into a Ntako-but-with-pita bread instead, that I must admit, I was really proud of.
Jana made some delicious spanakopita without spinach and Andy , one of my flat mates ,made a proper spicy stifado.
I also found out today that Andy, who had studied Marine Sciences, the same as Ioanna, has been to Glyfada, in the sea turtle shelter, I went there during a school trip, I remember petting a sea turtle’s back. One of the people that live in the same house that I ended up living in after meeting Jana in Italy was at the same spot as me all those years ago.

After our delicious feast we played Small World, a board game whose title now seems eerily fitting.

P.S. I am no sure if this is a global thing, but here Coca Cola has a description on its label reading:
Sparkling Soft Drink with Vegetable Extracts.
I chuckled.

P.S.2 I love Coke.

P.S.3 The soft drink, not the drug.

P.S.4 I have not tried the drug, but I am not sure I would want to.



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