[ Change of the Change of Plans Plans ]

To say that today was an unexpectedly eventful day would be quite the understatement.

If you look a few posts earlier, you’ll see one with a nice blue painting of the fateful meeting of Cthulhu and a blue whale, today a Facebook group about Cthulhu shared my deviantArt post of it and boy did the likes and favourites come by the bucket load. At the time of writting this thing has 850 likes and 100 shares, it has roughly 4,676 views on deviantArt, 4,624 of which were made only today). All the other stuff I’ve posted together don’t add up to that many likes and shares. Had I known it would be seen by so many people I would have spent more time making it a bit more presentable. But it did serve as a lesson… promotion is paramount, if you wanna have any recognition on the web. I am not sure what to make out of it, this tiny morsel of fame came as a complete surprise, but I will try and take its lesson to heart. Must make more art, but keep in mind that quality and exposure are not necessarily cause and effect.

On a completely unrelated note come the other bit of news. but I got sidetracked with a couple of League games so I will probably furnish you with an update tomorrow. Since it’s quite a big chunk of news.


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