[ The Party Experience ]

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2014 (not the month) be a prosperous year full of ladies, guys, drinks, health, video games and everything else.

I spent the hours of 2014  in a very nice and groovy party, hosted by the Athens mistress of parties, Marianthi. She really organizes awesome parties, whether they’re 90iles parties or New Years, Birthdays, you name it. If you want a kick-butt party, Marianthi is your gal.

During that party qb and I decided to do a podcast, a documentation of our thoughts, feelings  and rants.
Now you can enjoy 26 minutes and change, of our Party Experience in audio form. With the help of technology, money and booze.

I present you qb’s second episode of the  qbdp podcast:

Grab some booze, put some headphones on, dim the lights, turn on some strobe lights and enjoy…

The Party Experience:

Also available in it’s owner’s blog, click these words.


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