[Welcome to the Attic, mind your head.]

Okey, how does one start a blog?

This is harder than I thought, I will ignore the “that’s what she said” opportunity handed to me a few words ago just to show that I want to take this seriously, even though by mentioning said opportunity I am sort of nullifying my intent of showing I want to take this seriously.

Oh. Well.

I’ll also sidestep the question of who would want to read this, as I am of the opinion that me writing it is just as important. And besides, 4% of the time I am quite convinced I live in a very high-tech and extremely convincing computer simulation and everyone else does not exist. So there is that.

Hmm…There is 96% chance that this didn’t start well.

I guess I should explain what I would like to do with this non-corporeal place on the internet that belongs to me.

I always wanted to have a website of my own but for a combinations of reasons, chief among them my biggest enemy, procrastination, I’ve never had one before.

The decision to start the Attic was made while I was reading Cubilone’s, a friend of mine, blog. (Pokemon Trivia: The auto-correct suggestion for Cubilone is Cubone). The origin story of the Attic can be found in a comment at the very first post in Cubimension.

The Attic will help me (I just decided to call it The Attic for short, I might change it later, let’s roll with it for now) learn how to manage, maintain and tweak a website, WordPress and Joomla! are things I have neglected for far too long and I will try to familiarise myself with them, ideally the layout and format will change, becoming more personal as I become more experienced.

In the not so technical side, this is where I will document my life, share anything I feel like sharing, keep a sort of journal, something that I used to do and stopped doing after //Data Missing//, hone my english skills and practice my writing. My goal is two updates per week.

So here is to the Attic, may it be an excuse for me to go out there (or in there) and have experiences worth sharing, anyone is welcome to follow and join in, if you don’t, no hard feelings.



[Welcome to the Attic, mind your head.] — 4 Comments

  1. “//Data Missing//” This isn’t what I signed up for! >:< ^^P

    Cubone is neat, he's creepy. It could be that under that tethered bone mask is my face. Sorry, that went a bit too far.

    The Attic. I love it!

    • It’s his mother’s skull ffs, I dare not think what happens to twin Cubones and what they fight over.

  2. Nice start man!! I’d say 99.9% chances that it started really well! make it a 150% and you’ll be ok :P Have fun with in the Attic! it’s 99.9% yours :P

    • Cheers to the Housemaster!

      Thanks for checking it out, hopefully there will be cool stuff coming here! Although, not 100% sure on that.

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