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So many things to pick up. Literally.
My room is a mess, although it does have that pleasant smell of old books. The fact that there are NO old books in the room makes it no so pleasant a thought though.

Tomorrow is a day of work and work and work.


[ Soon to be Back ]

Saw friends and had beers and fun in our regular τσαρδί. It was good, Ymir even gave me the DnD 5th edition intro package. Good times were had today actually. More people to see though, not enough time.

So I got a smartphone. A Motorola Moto G, my first android device tbh. I miss the Appstore and the sturdy build of an iOS device,but I am starting to appreciate the the UI customization that android allows. I am also thinking about rooting it and installing the Cyanogenmod as it looks good.
Tomorrow I’ll have to pack my bag, or I could do it the day after tomorrow.



[ P.T.S.D. ]

That little game Towerfall Ascension is definitely one of the most fun local multiplayer games I have played in recent memory. It would be a worthy addition to the list of great games we used to play in Mitilini. Fast, fun and deceptively deep in gameplay. A nice game all around.

The showstealer was the P.T. though. I mentioned a few posts ago about the Kojima-del Toro colaboration for the next Silent Hill, well today we played the demo.
It was creepy in a kafkaesque way. Taking place in just one looping hallway. The creepiness and atmosphere building was spot on. The jumpscares were a bit too obvious. The audio was exceptional, even though it did not feel very Yamaoka-ish.
One thing that I was thinking aboutis Kojima’s tendency to break the fourth wall. This could work really well in a horror video game, effectively transfering the horror out of the screen, or it could shatter any immersion and draw attention to the fact that we are just playing a game.

It could go either way, who knows? Certainly not I.

This is from the other highlight of the day.


[ Q.A.N.N ]

Quite a normal night tonight. A night in a series of going-out-and-drinking-beer nights. Can’t say it hasn’t been fun, meeting people and having a good time. I feel like I am drinking more than I used to though. But I guess that will all get sorted when I start drinking tea again.
Today was the first day of tea by the way. I had missed that brown clear liquid.

I am also making the big step of owning a smartphone, is it a change for good? Who knows. Not I.


[ The 40 Page Itch ]

One thing that I miss a lot about Ηρακλειά,besides the wonderful beaches, the lovely bars, constant sunshine and general beautiful-island-vibe of course, is how much I read. Serisouly, I had my Kindle ressurected , chucked Game of Thrones in and took it with me. Since I would not be able to charge anything while I was there Kindle’s month-long battery life was perfect for the occasion.
With no other distractions like games or the internet I found myself reading a lot more than usual.

After the Dark Tower I have never sunk in a good big story. Sure, I read a few good books, The Outpost by Adamn Baker is one that comes to mind, but picking up Game of Thrones I got reminded of how nice it is to have your hands on a huge story again.

But since I got back from that no-tech island, my reading speed has plummeted once more, more than that actually, it has grinded to a halt. I was looking up tips on how to read more, one of them was that “Read 40 pages every day”. My initial reaction was a typical No Shit Sherlock, but I guess that is not fair. It is like this I guess… (Link, check the top comment, yea the one with 4 reddit gold)
Making a habit out of things is a valuable skill.

I am watching the new Godzilla movie, so far it’s quite nice. The monster scenes are really good, the human scenes are very boring, as per usual. So far it is infinitely better than the previous non-japanese attempt.


[ Dayslice ]

Watched the NA LCS games with friends over Skype today. Curse demmmmmmmmmmmolished CLG 3-0.
Went outside to much on a can of tuna salad, it was tasty but somebody is having a crazy party and it wasn’t the usual calm stillness that I like so much about this hour.
Now I’m gonna watch a horror movie that comes with a bit of a recommendation (it’s not much but it’s not nothing)

So yea, all in all, nice little day.


[ Κατοικίδιο Peeve ]

Αυτά τα λεωφορεία, τα διπλά, που ενώνονται στη μέση με ένα μαλακό κομμάτι, όλοι μας τα ξέρουμε.
Επίσης όλοι έχουμε μια βασική γνώση των μουσικών οργάνων. Δε θα μπέρδευε κανείς το βιολί με το ταμπούρλο, έτσι δεν είναι;
Γιατί τότε, ναι όλοι, σε εσάς μιλάω, τα λέτε φυσαρμόνικες και όχι ακορντεόν;;;

Harmonica, Exh. 1

Harmonica, Exh. 1

Πάντα με ενοχλούσε αυτό, κυρίως επειδή δε μπορώ να καταλάβω απο που προήλθε αυτή η misconseption.
Οι φυσαρμόνικες πάντως μοιάζουν με τραίνα πλάκα πλάκα, ή το ανάποδο βασικά.


[ Beach please ]

Today was a sort of one-day trip to the beach. After a very kind invitation by a friend me and a few mates had a mini-roadtrip to Kalamos, a little village that feels way farther than Athens than it actually is, where we lounged at a beach for a few hours and then headed home.
I like the ambience of the beach (and pools for that matter). Sure I love a wild beach with nothing but rocks and a few people as much as the next guy but there is something that I find appealing in crowded or at least not-very-natural waterside places.
Those beach bars that are half sunk in pools (or half floating if you are an optimist), waterslides, all that jazz. I find those places extremely relaxing.
I spose lots of people must since they are well, popular.
So yea, I like something that a lot of people like. Huge update today.

In other news, D&D 5th edition is coming out. I have no idea where I’ll get the money for the new Players Handbook but this edition looks really well thought-out with the best integration of roleplay in the game mechanics that I have seen (you actually get a bonus in your roll if you roleplay a scene well, it’s a wonder that it took us 20+ years to put that in).
But yea, seriously thinking of creating a new Garret, Rogue and Cinammon Trader.

The past few days in League of Legends have been a slaughterhouse. I think I did something like 11 losses in a row? Anyway, my morale was at an all time low.
Today fortunately we played quite a few games with the Team Builder (so we chose our champions before the game) and they went great.
I am really liking Yasuo, a sort of squishy , very mobile, high damage, ex-samurai sort of guy, think Lone Wolf and Cub, without the Cub.
A new skin for him is soon to be released, one that looks insanely cool (like a badass Raiden from MGS4).
Me likey.

Well, this update was a bit all over.