[Long time no see]

I once thought that I was done with posts apologizing that I did not post anything. Is there any way to make this not sound like one?

Let’s try.

Life is good. Beyond my wildest dreams. Still planning on buying a PC.

Need to get back in the routine of updat— NO BAD GARRET.

Cya folks, hopefully soon.


[ Pillars of Eternity ]

I had forgotten this game was coming out. I only re-discovered it today and I have been playing the past couple of hours.
I am extremely amazed. It feels like a mix between Baldur’s Gate games and Planescape:Torment.

I remember some years ago, my video game life was almost exclusive multiplayer games.
Now, I find myself enjoying the somber, more cerebral single-player experiences more. Headphones, wine and a nice video game with a well told story are a wonderful evening.

Paradox has been on a roll lately. Cities:Skylines filling the void left by the lackluster Simcity 2013, now this. Well done Paradox. I have friends who have been fans of paradox for many many years, but I always found their games to be hard to get into. This has changed lately.

Anyway, back to the game!


Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity


[ El Espinazo del Diablo ]

Here I was, thinking I’ve seen all the good horror movies, when this thing pops up.

The Devil’s Backbone, or El Espinazo del Diablo, is a movie by Guillermo del Toro.

I have a weird relationship with Guillermo, I feel like I should like his movies, I love his themes, visuals and sincere passion for intelligent horror, but for some reason none of his movies hit home with me. Pan’s Labyrinth had some amazing visuals, and the second viewing was certainly better for me, but I felt something was missing.

The Devil’s Backbone is in a lot of ways similar to Pan’s Labyrinth, a horror movie set in the Spanish civil war (a struggle that adds, in a sad way, to the list of similarities between Greece and Spain), from a kid’s point of view.

The Devil’s Backbone is set in an orphanage/refuge/school that is run by people helping the Republican side. The setting is perfectly isolated, perhaps in a way that mirrors a country during a civil war, with an unexploded bomb (presumably defused) still planted in the middle of the courtyard, serving as a reminder that the war is very much here.
Even though I usually find that the scariest ghosts are the ones that have no motives, no moral lesson to give, no way to be pacified are the ones that are more effective for me, I was pleasantly (or uncomfortably) surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie.
You see, The Devil’s Backbone is most certainly a ghost story, but it is also a movie about war, not at all a war movie mind you, but for the children the war is as inexplicable, as illogical and in the same way scary as a ghost story.
What the movie does in a sense, is use the supernatural element to induce the same feelings and emotions to the audience that the children characters feel about the war. It was very allegorical in a lot of ways.

Devil's Backbone

Devil’s Backbone

The cover was also kickass.


[ Ukrart ]

I’ll just leave this photo of a recent fight from the Ukrainian Parliament.
I don’t know what they were fighting about. I don’t know who won.
All I know is that this photo has the structure of a renaissance masterpiece.
Without further ado enjoy… The Struggle!

The struggle

The struggle


[ A Slice of Life is Strange ]

I played this nice little game today. It is called “Life is Strange” and it is a 5-part adventure game. I played the first part today, took me about 2-3 hours and boy, where they some nice, well spent hours.

You play as Max, an 18 year old hipster/geek. She is a photography student in a college in her hometown, a place she hasn’t visited in 5 years. She has friends, bullies, enemies and mysteries to deal with. She considers Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to be one of her favourite science fiction films and Henri-Cartier Bresson to be one of her favourite photographers, to be honest I was won over by those two facts alone.

Oh, she can also turn back time.

A slice of Life is Strange

A slice of Life is Strange

All in all, a fun,unique, crafted with love and care game. Gameplay is okey, Graphics are charming, Voice Acting is quite good and the writing feels very honest.

TL;DR: If you think that a mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twin Peaks and The Longest Journey is interesting then… you know what to do.

[ Thinking about getting a new PC ]

The title pretty much sums it all up. I am thinking of getting a desktop. A monster PC where I can play all the games. A few things would be different this time around. It would be the first PC that I will have that’s not in Greece. Also, it would be the first PC that I will have bought with 100% my own money. It is a strange feeling indeed. I wonder how I should name it. Ukanef MKV would be the obvious choice but…

Well, we have time to see, because you see, budgeting is something I do now, so saving money would have to happen.

See ya!


Garret’s Place

Sitting on the windowsill drinking tea. I have done this many times before, but this time it is different.

This time it is in MY house. I pay the rent, with zero (financial) help from my parents.

I guess I felt something similar when I was alone for the first time in Mitilini, on my first place there. Sure I wasn’t paying the rent back then but being alone in a house that for all intents and purposes was mine, was a feeling that I always notice.

I should get back to procrastinating packing, I will once I finish my tea.


I believe I’ll be having many more like this. Here’s to 2015!