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[ Killing Time ]

It is 2 AM, thunder is painting the sky purple, its sound a fitting soundtrack to my plight.
I have suffered one of the worst fates ever suffered by man.
There is no point beating around the bush, there is no hot water and now I am cursed to wait, to wait until my time is due. Wait until I can shower.
Such a cruel and simple analogy to the Danse Macabre we all take part in.

So in order to pass the time I’ll watch a random YouTube video with the help of this site and document my impressions of it here.
Okay, let’s see the video.

Some guy putting a broom in those lockers I always see in movies taking place in the States.
I wonder, why can’t kids there carry all the stuff in a bag like we do here in Greece?
I guess it’s healthier for the back and all but still, what about studying at home?
Anyway, let’s move on with our protagonist, a teen, let’s call him Brad, he looks like a Brad.
He also looks like a young Theon Greyjoy from the GoT TV show.
Oh, it’s not a broom, it’s a hockey stick.
Brad opens the locker.
WHAT THE FUCK! A disembodied head on the top shelf, WHAT THE FUCK SERIOUSLY!
Okey, get a grip Garret.
It is talking. I can’t make out what they are saying, the head is missing a tooth.
Probably lost it the same time he lost the rest of the body.
There seems to be a sort of master-slave relationship going on between Brad and the Head.
The Head asks him if he got something, an ingredient for some ghastly business I bet, Brad answers almost frozen in fear.
After confirming that Brad did get what was needed, the Head goes off in a laughing fit.
The empty hallway echoing with mad, insane shrieks of laughter,the Championship will be theirs…All theirs.
Madness… Horror… Death.
I can’t go on.


Thunder and lightning woke Garret up…
He was wearing a bathrobe, sitting on his desk…
That’s odd, he thought. Had he been drinking? No, not tonight.
Ah, he remembered, he was waiting for the water heater to do what it was supposed to.
But… what happened? He had no memory of the past hour. Only a vague sense of dread.
In the glow of the screen he could see his latest post, he read through it in shock.
It was as if he was reading it for the first time? Had he written it? Was this some kind of joke?
Who knows… weirder things have happened.
He got up and decided to go take that much delayed shower.

thE chAmPIoNsHiP wiLl bE oUrsS… aLL OUrS……


[Review: Song of Saya]

I played through Nitroplus’ visual novel Song of Saya and to my surprise I was still thinking about it days after.

Written by the same guy who wrote Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Song of Saya is the story of Fuminori, a man suffering from brain damage caused by experimental surgery that saved his life after a near-fatal car accident. As a result his perception and senses are completely warped, causing him to see the world as a living hell. Intestines, blood, vomit and pus cover every surface of his world, his friends, he can hardly call them like that anymore, are deformed monstrosities that speak with screeches and other barely understandable sounds and smell of rotten meat and shit, which often oozes out of pores from their face and body. The only thing keeping Fuminori “sane” is Saya, an almost angelic-looking little girl. She is the only person he sees as a normal human being. Saya claims to be alone like him and they move in together.

The rest of the game is a steep descent into all sorts of dark and disturbing places.

Song of Saya was the first visual novel I’ve ever played, seriously at least. I mean ,okay, after a few beers I might have checked the odd hentai game but I can’t say it feels the same. So I can’t say if this was a good visual novel or not, the amount of interaction is minimal, with only 2 choices throughout the game, albeit with big consequences for every choice.

The story is told in first person, usually from Fuminori’s point of view. That makes it easy for us to sympathize with him and actually glimpse the disgusting reality he is in. When we see things in Fuminori-vision, sounds are distorted, dissonant and images are noisy and gory. The images are very gory but leave most of the things happening to the imagination. That is one of the strong points of the Song of Saya. The descriptions of all the horrible things happening are almost Lovecraftan in their lack of detail, as a result the player’s/reader’s mind is left to form it’s own horrifying images, a sign of every good horror story.


Cutest lil’ Horror

The Song of Saya is cruel, twisted and does NOT hold itself back. It is most definitely not for those who are easily offended. There is gore, nudity and pretty much everything depraved and shocking. Surprisingly, every cruel and sick act is justified in a satisfying way that serves the story instead of crippling it with out of character moments. It is to the game’s huge credit that it managed to keep me interested in and feeling for Fuminori and Saya every step of their descent into completely evil-character territory.
I would also like to make a small mention to Yoh, one of Fuminori’s “friends” who is without a doubt one of the saddest characters in the history of sad characters.

Song of Saya manages to become beautiful at times, and not in a morbid, sick way but in a profoundly deep and honest one. Simple, one-dimensional (spoilers: no pun intended) villains are one of my biggest turn offs and i found Song of Saya to be one of the best examples of the opposite. I might go so far as to say that I’ll be exploring more Visual Novels.

Disgusting, shocking, not-too-terrifying, cruel, but ultimately a very moving and heartfelt story from a point of view we don’t often see things from.

If you think you can handle it, I fully recommend Song of Saya, it’s a rare gem.


[ How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Macho Fantasy. ]

I honestly thought I had gotten over the hyper macho fantasy genre of “my-penis-is-so-large-it-needs-a-power-armor-the-size-of-a-car-as-a-natural-habitat”.

It’s not that I dislike it anymore, but, man, WarCraft and StarCraft used to excite me and impress me.
I was passionate about the stories, the lore, the universe. I read the books, I was subscribed for a couple of years to the DC WoW Comic, spent many a night reading various WarCraft wikis and the amount of time I’ve spent in WoW is easily greater than most of my relationships.

That is not the case anymore (I mean I don’t spend as much time in WoW, not that I started to have longer relationships).
I did not want to grow out of it, I don’t like change (more on that in an upcoming article) but I found myself gradually caring less and less about these sort of stories. It’s not that I dislike them, it’s just that they don’t satisfy me like they used to.

In more recent , but not completely unrelated news–bear with me, I have been making some half-arsed attempts to reduce the time I waste online, (failing miserably).
Getting a website is one of these attempts, a conscious effort to read more books is another, as was my decision to start miniature painting.
Having heard of the Warhammer universe, I browsed Games Workshop’s website a bit, and within a few days I had decided to get my hands on a few Dark Angels and some acrylics.
It was either that or knitting.

As this was a choice driven by completely non-fantasy reasons, you can imagine my surprise when I found myself actually getting interested in Warhammer 40k universe. As a franchise I have been subtly avoiding it, even though I had a few chances to get into it over the years, I never actually made the jump and start an army.
And here I was, learning about the different races and armies, checking out the different miniatures,units, heroes, structures, codices delving into wikis trying to get a crash course in the WH40k history in the wee hours of the morning.

Yesterday I completed my first Dark Angel Space Marine. I do realize that the name sounds like the wet dream of a goth-sci-fi-army brat, but GOSH DARN-IT he looks kick-ass.

Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.

Who’s the best tiny fearless killing machine?! You! Yes, You!

I don’t think this Warhammer phase will last long, or at least run deep. I guess it is pure escapism and power fantasies, but I had forgotten how much I loved them.


[ Halloween: DEVICE6 ]

Halloween, Harrowing, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Hallow’s End.

Don’t quote me on that but I think we’re the only species that likes to scare the crap out of themselves for recreation.
Maybe cats too, but they are weird anyway.
I’ve never had a cat, I am sure I am a dog person.
Well, as sure as one can be of being a dog person when one has never owned a cat.
I guess you know these things though.
I am pretty positive I would be a great Velociraptor owner.

Anyway! Halloween, horror, terror!

In an attempt to get the ball rolling on this blog thing and loosen up my fingers, I would like to talk about a game I discovered recently, a game with a very distinct and rare kind of creepiness.

DEVICE is one of the weirdest games I have played in a while. I paused a bit before calling it a game, even though a game it most certainly is, but my first instinct wato call it something… like an interactive… kinetic typography…book/app?

This is the lovechild of Myst and the House of Leaves, DEVICE6 for the iOS by SIMOGO.

It is the story of Anna, a woman that wakes up in a castle, with no memory of how she got there (confirming that amnesia is the second most common condition for adventure game protagonists, first being compulsive kleptomania).
The castle is devoid of life, but not of signs of life. That alone is enough to establish that something is off from the get-go. Add to that an air of 50s cold war paranoia and a dash of very bizarre settings and scenes and you have yourself a quite unsettled Garret.

There are no graphics ,not in the normal sense at least, to speak of. But there is design, and aesthetics, and beauty and , boy does, it come in spades.
Text is the primary way of storytelling in DEVICE6, it is a map , a compass and a narrator, assisted by brilliant design in the layout and clever use of pictures, sounds and interactivity.
    You go
                staircases and flip and turn the device when you make turns and other changes in direction. There is no UI, inventory or health. Pictures and sounds can hide clues that will help Anna proceed and delve deeper in the mystery that is DEVICE6.

All this is wrapped in a very self-aware narrative with a brilliant sense of design. Have a look at a teaser to get an idea.

This is the kind of horror I enjoy the most these days. I am not impressed by jump scares or gross outs. I like my horror to be subtle but deep. DEVICEdelivers on that end remarkably. It will not haunt your dreams or make you check under the bed. But play it alone, in your bed at night and you’re in for a unique, high quality and stylishly creepy experience.


[Welcome to the Attic, mind your head.]

Okey, how does one start a blog?

This is harder than I thought, I will ignore the “that’s what she said” opportunity handed to me a few words ago just to show that I want to take this seriously, even though by mentioning said opportunity I am sort of nullifying my intent of showing I want to take this seriously.

Oh. Well.

I’ll also sidestep the question of who would want to read this, as I am of the opinion that me writing it is just as important. And besides, 4% of the time I am quite convinced I live in a very high-tech and extremely convincing computer simulation and everyone else does not exist. So there is that.

Hmm…There is 96% chance that this didn’t start well.

I guess I should explain what I would like to do with this non-corporeal place on the internet that belongs to me.

I always wanted to have a website of my own but for a combinations of reasons, chief among them my biggest enemy, procrastination, I’ve never had one before.

The decision to start the Attic was made while I was reading Cubilone’s, a friend of mine, blog. (Pokemon Trivia: The auto-correct suggestion for Cubilone is Cubone). The origin story of the Attic can be found in a comment at the very first post in Cubimension.

The Attic will help me (I just decided to call it The Attic for short, I might change it later, let’s roll with it for now) learn how to manage, maintain and tweak a website, WordPress and Joomla! are things I have neglected for far too long and I will try to familiarise myself with them, ideally the layout and format will change, becoming more personal as I become more experienced.

In the not so technical side, this is where I will document my life, share anything I feel like sharing, keep a sort of journal, something that I used to do and stopped doing after //Data Missing//, hone my english skills and practice my writing. My goal is two updates per week.

So here is to the Attic, may it be an excuse for me to go out there (or in there) and have experiences worth sharing, anyone is welcome to follow and join in, if you don’t, no hard feelings.