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Well, today I ordered a PC.
Getting back in the start of the new cycle of owning a PC, last time I was in this phase of the PC Ebb and Flow was in 2009.

Two thousand and nine! What was I doing back then? Third year of University. Twenty-one years old. Playing Bioshock, Portal and World of Warcraft.
Ukanef Mk. IV ended up lasting me quite a few years, although I have to say that after moving to Manchester a couple of years ago I kinda left him to decay. The coup de grace to my faithful old cyber companion was dealt last summer when I took one of his monitors to be used for the future pc, the pc I ordered today.

Saving money has proved to be way harder than I thought it would be. The super high rent of course is not helping but I have not been frugal in my expenses either. I haven’t cooked a thing (something that in Manchester I used to do at least twice a week), I have not resisted the odd board/video game purchase or the second (or N+ in anyway) drink in the weekly night out. It was with the help of a generous birthday present chip-in from my parent’s that I managed to get Mk. V.

Still got lot’s to learn it would seem.

Anyway, tis a time of celebration, the dawn of a new machine. I haven’t been able to get excited about new game releases for a while now, at least for the cutting edge ones. I am gonna enjoy the feeling of knowing I can play a modern game in ultra settings.

Truth be told, I am kinda thankful (did someone say thanksgiving?) for my lame PCs over the past few years. If it weren’t for them, I would probably have ignored games like Life is Strange or Her Story.
But now is the time to indulge in Anti-Aliasing, High settings on shadows and smooth 60-fps framerates.

More updates once the thing is actually here.




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