To Scotland, a travelogue.

Day 1

12:51 Costa in Arndale.
Going to see Rena and Jayne. Haven’t been to Scotland since I was 4-5 years old. I remember grey castles and green fields.
Well, the bus got delayed, so much for British punctuality.
Anyway, thought I ll have a quick breakfast then, the weather was clear blue skies ten minutes ago but now it has grown suspiciously grey. Me likes.

18:07 Somewhere near Glasgow.
Well, the bus seems to have some engine trouble and now we are stopped by the side of the road. The bus ride is not a pleasant one, the lady behind me was trying to silence a baby-shaped tornado siren, I know that she probably is not enjoying it either but hey, does chloroform cause any permanent damage?

Also the bit of the window that I was supposed to be looking out from has a huge sticker with the bus company logo that has the wonderful matte effect that you get when squinting your eyes.

I am listening to Dan Carlin’s fourth part of Blueprint for Armageddon describing the battles of Verdun and Somme, so despite my annoyance, I know it is not as bad as it can get.

Wait, is that sound incoming bomb—-

20:21 Glasgow, some bus stop.
Another bus came and picked us up.
Now we are only four people left on the bus.

20:51 passing through Cumbernauld

Silly name, Craig Ferguson hails from here.

Day 2

12:00 Rena’s place

Jayne and me slept in the living room, Rena’s house is weird. It has this hub-like area out of which five rooms radiate. So yea, last night we had some drinks some food, partied like crazy…. Until 1 AM when everything closed down because they don’t want people getting drunk.

16:32 Dr. Noodle

Pain. Burning. Fire.

Got some noodles, decided to be brave and add the “Hot Chilly” and… Now all that exists is pain. I managed to get it into my eye , twice. On the wall there is a picture of Deckard from Blade Runner eating noodles in the rain, which is what I always think of when I am eating noodles. Rain is nice.
I am in pain.

23:11 Rena’s place

We got back from a really nice walk in Dundee, now we re back with Irn Bru and peanuts and a beer called Raven Ale.

13:37 Rena’s Place

It is the hour of the l33t, it was a glorious morning, we watched the LoL finals , Samsung White demolished Royal Club in a spectacular fashion, I would love to see the SSW Rengar skin.

Anyway, I have this theory that one of Rena’s flatmates, Ridade, is a Vampire.
There are several reasons why I believe so.
As I said before, this place is quite strange.
It is on Blackness road.
There is only one mirror in this house and it is tiny.
There are no windows.
The only window is in the room I am staying in and that room has a door that closes automatically so no sunlight can reach the rest of the house.
Last night Ridade came to say hi and she was dressed in black and was quite pale.
She also mentioned that she had been “hibernating” when asked how her day was.

Coincidence? Or have I stumbled into something big here? (That’s what she said)

Κάμερα σε μένα!

Day 3

8:44 Dundee bus station.

The moment where I get in a transport,ready to leave for a long journey is something I find very relaxing.
Anyway, returning to Manchester now, Scotland was awesome. Dundee had a very unique feeling to it, not unlike Mitilini in a way.

I just realised I am wearing my shirt inside out. One sec….

Okey, what was I saying? Yea, Dundee was cool, really enjoyed the Trade’s Union pub and the Discovery museum, which was all about this awesome exploratory ship, called as you might imagine, Discovery, that was built here and was one of the first ships to explore the Antarctic, part steamship, part sailboat, mostly made of wood because apparently wood can take the pressure from the ice much easier than metal does.
Learning about and eventually stepping in Discovery made me think of a 19th century Starship Enterprise.

Man that century started with such potential.

The people were nice and friendly too, I thoroughly enjoyed the accent (try saying Scotland but having a hiccup instead of the T).
Rena seemed to be doing okey, a bit depressed but Dundee seems to be the right place for her at the moment.
It is interesting to think about how the Mitilini trio has changed over the years.
I also finally met Jayne in person, she is such a thoroughly good person with hair like a princess and she made my visit that much more enjoyable.

Anyway, I am rambling.

Scotland was as green and grey as I remembered it.

And it is awesome!


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  1. :) χαίρομαι που πέρασες ωραία, καλή διαδρομή πίσω, τα λεμε σε λίγες μέρες ,

    Και γω σε πάω!

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