[ Page Itch Round 2 ]

I recently bought two books. One is a collection of novels by Robert Aickman, not exactly horror stories, but definitely weird stories that have that very subtle uneasy effect that only the best horror stories have. The other one is the You are not so smart book. A collection of articles by the site with the same name, linked to me over and over again by qb, I finally decided to give this guy a shot.

Anyway, my point is , even though I have a kindle, I often get tempted to buy a nice paper book. It’s not that I don’t like my kindle, I don’t really know what is.

Today I saw that Amazon released a new line of tablets, among them their latest Kindle. It is a magnesium bodied, glass screen wonder. With screen that lights up and everything.
My first thought was “THIS is what I need in order to read all these books that I have been meaning to. Cause, you know, I don’t have a bedside light, so I can’t read any ετερόφωτα books, I simply NEED a paperwhite kindle.”
I think that that’s just my brain bullshitting me (no I haven’t started reading You are not so smart yet), I had nothing but a scrawny flashlight on Hralkeia, that did not stop me from using my Kindle Paperdark more than I had the past year.

But still, dat new KINDLE eh!

P.S. Scotland had a referendum today, about whether they should be an independent country or not. The predictions were quite inconclusive so who knows, maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up in a country destined to become quite smaller.
Unless the closeness of the polls was some cunning british MI5 scheme to make it seem close so people who REALLY want to stay in the UK vote so and don’t vote YES just to deliver some sort of angry message.



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