[ P.T.S.D. ]

That little game Towerfall Ascension is definitely one of the most fun local multiplayer games I have played in recent memory. It would be a worthy addition to the list of great games we used to play in Mitilini. Fast, fun and deceptively deep in gameplay. A nice game all around.

The showstealer was the P.T. though. I mentioned a few posts ago about the Kojima-del Toro colaboration for the next Silent Hill, well today we played the demo.
It was creepy in a kafkaesque way. Taking place in just one looping hallway. The creepiness and atmosphere building was spot on. The jumpscares were a bit too obvious. The audio was exceptional, even though it did not feel very Yamaoka-ish.
One thing that I was thinking aboutis Kojima’s tendency to break the fourth wall. This could work really well in a horror video game, effectively transfering the horror out of the screen, or it could shatter any immersion and draw attention to the fact that we are just playing a game.

It could go either way, who knows? Certainly not I.

This is from the other highlight of the day.


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