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One thing that I miss a lot about Ηρακλειά,besides the wonderful beaches, the lovely bars, constant sunshine and general beautiful-island-vibe of course, is how much I read. Serisouly, I had my Kindle ressurected , chucked Game of Thrones in and took it with me. Since I would not be able to charge anything while I was there Kindle’s month-long battery life was perfect for the occasion.
With no other distractions like games or the internet I found myself reading a lot more than usual.

After the Dark Tower I have never sunk in a good big story. Sure, I read a few good books, The Outpost by Adamn Baker is one that comes to mind, but picking up Game of Thrones I got reminded of how nice it is to have your hands on a huge story again.

But since I got back from that no-tech island, my reading speed has plummeted once more, more than that actually, it has grinded to a halt. I was looking up tips on how to read more, one of them was that “Read 40 pages every day”. My initial reaction was a typical No Shit Sherlock, but I guess that is not fair. It is like this I guess… (Link, check the top comment, yea the one with 4 reddit gold)
Making a habit out of things is a valuable skill.

I am watching the new Godzilla movie, so far it’s quite nice. The monster scenes are really good, the human scenes are very boring, as per usual. So far it is infinitely better than the previous non-japanese attempt.



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  1. Ι saw Godzilla in the cinema in 3D, unable to convince my fellow movie-goers/flatmates that the reduced 6lv/3€ price is more worth it than twice that but in 3D. Godzilla was too good in that one, which kind of ruined it for me.

    My suggestion is setting a challenge for yourself on Goodreads and writing reviews after you’ve read something. It has helped lots with my reading, it has given me incentive. It’s gamey but it works. No but.

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