[ Beach please ]

Today was a sort of one-day trip to the beach. After a very kind invitation by a friend me and a few mates had a mini-roadtrip to Kalamos, a little village that feels way farther than Athens than it actually is, where we lounged at a beach for a few hours and then headed home.
I like the ambience of the beach (and pools for that matter). Sure I love a wild beach with nothing but rocks and a few people as much as the next guy but there is something that I find appealing in crowded or at least not-very-natural waterside places.
Those beach bars that are half sunk in pools (or half floating if you are an optimist), waterslides, all that jazz. I find those places extremely relaxing.
I spose lots of people must since they are well, popular.
So yea, I like something that a lot of people like. Huge update today.

In other news, D&D 5th edition is coming out. I have no idea where I’ll get the money for the new Players Handbook but this edition looks really well thought-out with the best integration of roleplay in the game mechanics that I have seen (you actually get a bonus in your roll if you roleplay a scene well, it’s a wonder that it took us 20+ years to put that in).
But yea, seriously thinking of creating a new Garret, Rogue and Cinammon Trader.

The past few days in League of Legends have been a slaughterhouse. I think I did something like 11 losses in a row? Anyway, my morale was at an all time low.
Today fortunately we played quite a few games with the Team Builder (so we chose our champions before the game) and they went great.
I am really liking Yasuo, a sort of squishy , very mobile, high damage, ex-samurai sort of guy, think Lone Wolf and Cub, without the Cub.
A new skin for him is soon to be released, one that looks insanely cool (like a badass Raiden from MGS4).
Me likey.

Well, this update was a bit all over.


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