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I had NO IDEA how many things have to happen for a game to exist. I am currently toying with the idea of creating a really low-pixel game, as you can see by the talking Garret here to your left.
I did not hold pixel art in high regard, but my views have done a 180 (or a 26.6) degree turn.
Creating characters and landscapes with so little pixels is not only possible, but also requiring a fair bit of thinking. A refreshing change of tools compared to the advanced photoshop brushes that add hundreds of pixels with one stroke.
Continuing the theme of the past few days of watching as many horror movies as possible, allow me to give you a word of warning. Do not, I repeat, do not, watch Tall Man or Apartment 134. One is a pretentious movie that is not only way dumber than it thinks, but also horribly un-scary and the other is a lame “paranormal activity” ripoff (aiming high,Apartment 134, good for you) that included every lazy cliche of bad horror.


P.S. Tomorrow I will be going to a Postgraduate Job fair, in MMU. There I will learn about schools, watch sample lectures and get a tour of all the facilities that are on offer.
Here’s hoping.


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  1. How did the postgraduate job fair go?

    26.6 degrees of rotation isn’t too much! :D Didn’t you get the powers of pixelart from Sword & Sworcery?

    Awesome sprite and animation. It really looks like you. Keep it up! BTW, have you watched Indie Game: The Movie?

  2. No I have not watched it, but I have “seen” it on Netflix, is it any good?
    26.6 degrees is exactly the amount of rotating that you need to do :D.

    The fair was just a postgraduate one, nothing to do with jobs. It went okey, it was interesting and informative. Saw some really cool projects from previous students. Made me reconsider my MA choices a bit.

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