[Breaking Dark Angels Wine ]

Just finished the fourth season of Breaking Bad, man do I binge on shows or what, and all I have to say about the final shot was “WHAT!?”
Other than I want to comment that a) this show is pretty darn good, I am quite liking its 5 season length and b) this guy Gustavo Fring is eerily similar to a professor I had in Uni and Saul Goodman (the sleazy awesome lawyer guy) talks like Dan Carlin (If you haven’t listened to every Hardcore History episode you should).

So yea, I watched about 5 episodes today, I accompanied them with a bottle of red, the cheapest one I could find (3 quid), it was okey, definitely not crap but nothing to write home about, even though that is sort of what I am doing.
I remember getting vomit-y level drunk after drinking a bottle of white last summer. Of course I opened the bottle when I put Escape From New York on (amazing movie btw, here have a sample of the kick-ass soundtrack , it is like a more action-y Blade Runner).

The point being, I was done and sick before Snake actually finds the President. So I guess either my tolerance is building up, or the fact that I drunk the thing in 5 hours instead of 1 really makes a difference. Take notes, future drinkers.

Anyway, in other news, I think I painted the best miniature so far, I combined my normal technique for bases with my newly acquired cork-base skills and the results are very nice. I have only a sergeant ( painting skin is hard) and a guy with a Plasma Cannon left, after that I will have to move on to my Deathwing squad , my Ravenwing guys and the three “hero units” I have left.

I have been thinking about Dungeons and Dragons lately, well not D&D per se, but another thing called Pathfinder that turns out to be the spiritual successor to Edition 3.5, after the colossal failure that was the 4th Edition it seems like there was room for another product. I wonder if I will be able to find people to group and play with, there are some wonderful online programs that simulate the tabletop feel quite well if I may say so myself.

P.S. No sign of the clean spider.


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