[ Crime Scene Investigation ]

I went back. The body was not there. So either the spider authorities were notified and carried it off, or the other spiders gave it a proper burial, or it rose as an undead spider and walked off.

Or maybe the window cleaning spray was not the best chemical solution to my spider problem.

Today I sent an application out to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), accompanied by probably the best motivational letter ever. Ugh, is there anyone that enjoys writing those? And if there is, would I wanna hang out with them?

Anyway, I also made my first attempt in creating custom bases for my Warhammer miniatures. I was quite happy with the results, results that I will share with you in this VERY page. It is made from cork, paints and some paperclip bits.

mneh mneh mneh...

Don’t drop the base

I also indulged myself and bought Baldur’s Gate II for iPad… It was on sale and I couldn’t resist. As soon as I finish the first game I am going straight into this one, I haven’t actually played it in a long long time.

P.S. I made some pasta today and didn’t even think of mentioning it here.
You can call me Oliver, Jamie Oliver.



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  1. I am sure now, a spot clean shiny spider is somewhere in the house , the danger is she is gonna be a cute one , clean and all, so she will create the new generation of her kind!
    Good luck with your application. Have you booked attending the open day at the end of May?

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