[ Breaking Dawn… I mean… Bad! ]

My alarm is set for 9:30 tomorrow, my best guess is it will have to work for 2 hours to wake me up.

I did some progress today, I have to finish my motivational letter and apply for an MA course on Contemporary Curating. Initially I was thinking about applying to more than one course, but after a talk that I had with a friend, I decided against it. When this is done, I have to finally get on with my essay for Leiden, I don’t know why I am so scared of starting it.

Other than that, I have been watching A LOT of Breaking Bad these days. This show is amazing. It is So. Well. Acted. I mean, I knew there was a buzz around it being a great show, but I had avoided it mostly. I tend not to find crime/drug stories particularly interesting, but DAMN this show sets the bar on how a good show should be.The characters are amazing, the writing is clever and realistic and the storylines are tense without ever feeling… over the top. Some of it’s themes are also… very relatable for me somehow. Being in a rut that you have a hard time getting out of can come in many different flavours.

See ya all tomorrow.



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  1. I’m confused. Is the essay for Leiden and the Contemporary Curating (sound cool) in any way related?

    Daphne and I are still in season 4 of BrBa, for we’ve agreed to watch eps exclusively together – be it through Skype or actually, physically sitting next to eachother. Somehow taking it slowly, though, is increasing, my enjoyment of the show… Glad you like it this much. ^^]

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