[ How the ghost of you clings… ]

Tonight Kyle knocked on my door and that set off an awesome late night gaming spree. The whole flat-mating thing is new to me, but I am starting to enjoy how We played League, Hearthstone, I showed him my Warhammer 40k miniatures and in turn he introduced me to Rogue Trader, a roleplaying game set in the 40k universe and then… we played some Rock Band!

This got me thinking, the last time I played Rock Band I must’ve been at qb’s second house in Lesvos, with Mordread, Neni, qb, Yuki and Elena, those were good times. We used to gather there, watch movies, have talks about who knows what, play video games and drink beers. That house had an enormous kitchen, come to think of it.

Hmm, I am getting nostalgic. I don’t believe nostalgia is a very… helpful sentiment. At best it makes one sad, at worst it makes someone miss the opportunities for new great memories to be made. Maybe in 5 years from now (2019 O_O) I will be equally nostalgic about the time I was in Manchester, discussing games with Kyle, with no “real” problems besides finding a job and working towards an MA.

Who knows.

But tonight was a good night.

I am not happy with my blog updates lately by the way, ( I know, it’s a complete change of subject but hey). I find them uninspiring and I also find moaning about them annoying, I am , you could say, in quite the predicament. As douche-y as that might sound, “Rome was not built in a day”, I am trying to change, even though it happens slower than I would like.

I just hope I am not so slow as to regret it later.



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  1. I agree, nostalgia is not a very helpful feeling. Focusing too much on the past can blind you to why the present has the potential to make you nostalgic in the future. Those times in Mytilini with Rock Band and everyone were nice, even though I definitely remember them as being happier than they actually must have been. It’s your present self that does the remembering, anyway.

    Don’t have too many expectations from yourself. Changing takes time; if it doesn’t, it’s not deep enough. I can already see the changes you can’t, just by looking at the beginning of your blog.

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