[ Back in university ]

But only for a little while.

Today I had quite the evening. I went to a talk about Science Fiction in the Indian culture (Why Aliens don’t visit India), with a friend I met at a Cosplay/Sketchoff thing. It was quite interesting, I had no idea how fractured the Indian cultural identity is. The talk was held in the library building in the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU for us Mancunians), I am thinking of applying to some of the MA programmes they have here.

We weren’t many people at the presentation so the whole thing had a conversational feeling to it, afterwards we went to a falafel place called… Falafel. Last time I had falafel I was at the Eksarhia square and that is what I have the falafel taste associated with.

Anyway, we had discussions about science fiction, comics, movies, and cultures, it was a good night out.



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  1. I don’t know why it is Mancunians.

    Also, yes, I think I would love to have an ergaleiaki but, as of now, I am trying to spend as little as possible.
    Speaking of ergaleiakia, where are the regular qbdps? I was looking forward to them!

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