[ It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s aliiive! ]

The main reason for this post, is to test my new keyboard. I upgraded my laptop keyboard, it now has delicious sugar under its keys. They say it helps in gaming, providing that wonderful crunchy feedback each time they are pressed.

It all started (I am noticing some resistance on the letter S) when Mr. Knee,a friend of mine, introduced Dr.Tea to Mrs. Keyboard. Dr.Tea was unfortunately carrying sugar with him and that is how the whole thing happened.

So yea, my laptop had a little bit of an accident, but in true fashion of a Garret-owned machine, it pulled through,queue epic music:

I left it to dry for a day,the next day I took a few keys out and gave it a nice wash with a wet brush, that seemed to calm the crunchiness down a bit but unfortunately it is now back to the previous levels.

I should be thankful though, I am just glad it made it through. I would be quite devastated if I was left here without a laptop. Although, this whole incident reminded me how much of a time-sink it can be.

One small update on the party from last week, Jana (who today organised an Easter egg hunt in the garden for all the other flatmates! It was my first ever, she is awesome!) told me that a fire extinguisher blew up shortly after I left. As suspect as I sound I can honestly say I had nothing to do with it.


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