[ 5/4/14 ]

Well, was today a full day or what!

Maria arrived at noon, I picked her up at the train station and we had coffee. Then we went home to leave her stuff, and on the way we picked some stuff to cook tomorrow (Diced Chicken, sweet chili rice and sauce, peppers and some other stuff. I will learn to create chicken! Exciting!

After that, we went downtown again, whereupon we feasted on some delicious McDonalds. I was wondering, a really nice course there for me costs around 4.20 pounds, is that more expensive than cooking home? It feels quite cheap. Anyway. After than , the plan initially was to go and see the Museum of Science and Industry and then have a walk near the canals, but instead we went to a cosplay (oh comeon spellchecker, cosplay is a word, get on with the times) sketchoff. There we met other artists, did 10 minute sketches of cosplayers, forced Maria to draw (muahaha) and had an all round good time.

Cosplay Sketchoff Sketches

Cosplay Sketchoff Sketches

I quite enjoyed the live quick-sketching, it is something I really don’t do as often as I would like and I am glad to find excuses to do so.
It would seem like Manchester is the place to be, whatever it is you want to do.

After that we went for beers at a loud “quiet place” with two artists we met there, both seem like cool people, one of them is a girl that has lived literally all over the World, Venezuela, China (or as the map I have over my bed informs me, Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó) and of course the UK. Then we headed to an Asian dessert place where we had… stuff. Honestly I have no idea what I ate there. It looked like Jelly and Calamari, it tasted like mango and pineapple, there was Tea Ice cream and poppy things. Afterthat we had another beer and then headed home.

Tomorrow is a cooking day, a museum day and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE, NOT ME.


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