[ The Mancunian Garret ]

It is raining as I type this.
I am sitting on my desk, in my new house.
In Manchester.

The trip was way less trouble than I thought it would be (I sure hope that sets the tone for the rest of my endeavor in general). The flight was smooth, had a seat by the window, at the emergency exit (more legroom). A couple of interesting stuff that happened while I was above the clouds: I was listening to the second part of Blueprint for Armageddon (a simply amazing episode from the simply amazing podcast Hardcore History), which is about World War I, anyway, now call me a sidewalk spitting rebel, but I don’t put my iPad on airplane mode so I can watch my location on the map. The moment the Battle of Mons was being described on the podcast, I was flying over Mons. (I miss-typed podcast as pordcast and chuckled a bit)
The other interesting thing was my water bottle. As we were descending, it started to get squeezed by the dropping increasing air pressure. I thought it was neat.

The cab driver that brought me here, turned out to be married to a half-Greek girl, he has been in Vari and in Glifada. Small World.

Upon my arrival here I was greeted by a tasty orange muffin with the following message.
“Καλωσορίζω στο σπίτι!” I thought it was a very touching gesture.

So here is my room.

Cozy Room


A few things of note: I have a desk, next to the radiator, in front of a window that has a nearly vertical part ,allowing for maximum rain-viewing pleasure.
I have a plant, with a spoon planted next to it that reads “6”, I decided that that is the name of the plant, and that if my story ever becomes a major motion picture, it will be played by Patrick McGoohan.
There is a bookshelf filled with books, not my taste per se, one that caught my eye was City of Bones and for it’s tagline it read “A world I’d like” by Stephanie Meyer, of Twilight fame, smells like quality stuff.
Other random stuff include a yoyo, a Maths set, a handy first aid guide, a BUNCH of pennies, markers & pencils and a badass world map on the wall.

I think I am not as excited as I should be, things are going GREAT. Way better than what I expected.

Tomorrow I will have to get a bus pass and a cellphone contract.
Also, if I can find, Groucho Marks glasses.


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