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That’s it, that is 99% of the stuff I am taking with me.
I am leaving tomorrow, off to the land of Albion. I feel excited and nervous.
It was a , relatively, sudden decision, a decision my parents were more than helpful and supportive for.
There are many things I want to accomplish there. Find a Job, pick up running, learn how to draw awesome miniatures, prepare for a Master’s degree and generally live a life different than the one I am currently living.
I think qb mentioned a quote from someone that went something like “Thinking you can change yourself by changing your environment is like thinking you can change your handwriting by changing pens”

I guess we’ll find out.

Stereotypes I think I will meet:

People drinking tea.
Horrible Dental Hygiene.
World War II bragging.
Upper lips stiffer than what I am used to.

I don’t know how well things will turn out. I don’t know if I will be able to “make it” there. Maybe I will disappoint myself and everyone, maybe this will be the best thing I ever do.
I’ll try and keep this blog up to date so we can all admire me or /sigh in disappointment.

I have a feeling this turned out way gloomier than I intended.



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  1. The racoon wishes you a happy fresh start and knows you CAN DO IT! You shall be missed. The racoon is expecting to see some more awesome miniatures. Onwards then, to your adventure! *waves goodbye*

    • :D Racoon! Thank you for the byebyes! It really means a lot to me, hearing all that support. Makes me want to be a better person myself!

      Thank youou :)

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