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Daily doodle. It’s not much, but a) I always liked drawing eyes and b) I consider this the finest eye I’ve made. I remember seeing a similar eye in Furiae.com, the website of the amazing and inspiring Linda Bergkvist, the reason I fell in love with digital art, anyway, after seeing an eye like that I couldn’t believe it was actual human made art. My point is, this is the closest I’ve ever been to that level of eyeing.

Anyway, here it is. Feast your…

Here is an eye.

Here is an eye.



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  1. I prefer your physical sketches to your digital ones, there’s something in the style of the shading that I don’t like. The colours in this one though are excellent. I don’t know about other eyes you’ve made (links?) but this one is nice. Maybe it’s colours and the reflections.

  2. Why thank you for the comment :D
    Style of shading has nothing to do with the digitalness/analogness of the medium. I believe that as I get better on the digital front it will become much more aesthetically pleasing. Oh, you have a new qbdp, I must check that.

    Btw if I type C and enter on my adress bar it will go directly to your blog.

    P.S. Screw edits, mistakes are part of who we are. What chaos would we face if everybody had a “1 edit per year” button for their lives.

    • I’ve only noticed it in your digital artwork, this blurry shading. I have to conclude that’s a stylistic choice cause you don’t always do it, and certainly not in your physical sketches.

      A passion for editing is the result of the combination of a distracted natural personality with a tacked-on (see: nurtured) attention to detail and properness. Mixes as well as beer with sprite: works for me, but people don’t know what to think about it all. Not being able to ever edit anything ever would be fun though. Actually we already have it, sort of: it’s other people’s memories of us.

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